Women Entrepreneurs & Overcoming Adversity

Loretta Gallagher Female Entrepeneurship

Loretta Gallagher on Women Owning & Operating their Own Business

With the evolution of workplace equality, women have challenged societal expectations by taking on numerous executive roles. With the constant pressure of conformity, women have otherwise prioritized professional development, creating vast opportunities in the business world. According to recent statistics, there are approximately 11.6 million women-owned businesses in the United States, that employ over 9 million individuals annually and generate over 1 trillion dollars in revenue. Loretta Gallagher, Owner and Founder of Gallagher Associates-claims that despite being essential to economic development, women continue to encounter a multitude of obstacles not faced by men. She states that her positive attitude has fueled her professional endeavors and her unwavering ability to work hard has allowed her to be productive. She outlines some of the main components that have led her to successfully owning and operating her own business.

Challenging Societal Expectations

Defying various social expectations is fundamental to fulfilling long-term professional objectives. Due to pre-existing gender stereotypes, individuals often conform to societal standards while devaluing their accomplishments. Having lost her father at a young age, Loretta Gallagher built her business from the ground up. However, despite her professional accomplishments, she often encounters individuals who assume she did not cultivate success on her own. She states “this type of thinking is flawed, many individuals see a women-owned business and arrive at the conclusion she had a man’s help.” Fostering positive change requires potential businesswomen to deviate from traditional roles and form new models of leadership.

Build a Network of Support

With many professional avenues currently dominated by men, locating support can be a difficult undertaking. Women often have to worker harder to receive recognition and research suggests that they receive fewer funds to put towards their business ventures. Loretta worked closely with her sister and through recommendations and networking, was able to generate a substantial client base. Leveraging a social network is an efficient means to generate support while creating a solid foundation for one’s business. Finding ways to interact with other industry professionals may provide one with the connections they need to thrive.

Establish a Work-Life Balance

According to Loretta Gallagher, finding an effective means to balance various elements of one’s life is instrumental to success. She states that family is a part of life; however, parental obligations do not need to stand in the way of long-term career objectives. Conversely, disconnecting for a week and scheduling time to spend with loved ones will ensure a healthy home environment. Ultimately, balance promotes productivity and contributes to one’s overall mental and physical well-being.

Overcoming a Fear of Failure

Failure is inevitable and learning from mistakes contributes to a business’s longevity. Success requires determination and the ability to overcome various obstacles. Although women continue to face a significant number of hurdles, perseverance is key to succeeding in business.

Gallagher Associates is located in Wayne New Jersey and specializes in Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Implementation. With an extensive resume, Loretta Gallagher is an experienced entrepreneur and businesswoman. She claims that inequality in an ongoing issue and is perpetuated by both men and women. Her goal is to motivate other women to challenge gender norms while creating their own opportunities. Ultimately, success does not come down to how many degrees one has obtained, but rather their ability to work hard and persevere through adversity.