Loretta Gallagher: EMR Professional

Loretta Gallagher Electronic Medical Record Implementation

Loretta Gallagher is a Wayne, New Jersey entrepreneur who has seen tremendous success with her company which consults for Electronic Medical Records Implementation. EMR Implementation is a relatively niche industry, and requires a diverse skillset including project management, budget forecasting, educational consulting and training as well as extensive planning. A successful EMR initiative is a multi-phase process, and the sensitive data that Electronic Medical Records involve requires years of expertise to ensure that the implementation is a seamless transition.

It does not matter how smart you are or how many degrees you have, the key to success is hard work.

Gallagher Associates

Loretta founded Gallagher Associates in 1993, recognizing a valuable asset that she and her team was able to provide to their healthcare facility clients that already required assistance with their computer technology. This was an exciting time of growth for the company, as the team transitioned from focusing on Microsoft Office training and education to a more robust line of work involving working with hospital EMR systems. After 25 years, Gallagher Associates continues to strive forward, helping healthcare facilities and thousands of patients to securely receive correct treatment.


Without EMR, doctors and nurses would essentially be “in the dark” when it comes to the health history, diagnosis, and treatment of patients. An EMR system allows medical health professionals to share information between different facilities and health care teams, helping to improve the health-realated safety of patients. Medical teams can know the entire health history of a patient, including previous treatments/operations, medications, and special conditions that require consideration before applying established medicine processes.